Leopold FC200RT Tenkeyless Linear (Black) Review

While Leopold keyboards have quickly gained their fans in the international community, they’re still relative newcomers to the mechanical keyboard scene, having been founded in Korea in 2005. They now have an English language website thanks to their Japanese division, and have started distributing their keyboards internationally, directly from their Japanese branch and from the US through EliteKeyboards.

Their latest releases are two mechanical keyboards featuring Cherry MX switches, the full size FC500RR/EB and the smaller FC200RT. These keyboards are similar to Filco’s Majestouch series and were developed by the same designer, but have been re-made from the ground up to include oft-requested customer features like a removable USB cable and more durable keycaps.

Last week I covered the FC500RR/EB, so this week I’ll be looking at the smaller version, the FC200RT.

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