Toshiba Portege R400 Tablet PC Review

The R400 is a member of Toshiba’s Portege line, a brand aimed towards business professionals who are willing to spend top dollar to get exclusive features in an ultraportable package. The first thing you’ll notice about the R400 is the stylish white and black chassis, which at 29mm thick is just a bit thicker than […]

Magicka Vietnam

Magicka PC Review

When PC gamers hear the phrase action RPG, one series immediately springs to mind: Diablo. The classic Blizzard titles re-energised the tired RPG market of the late nineties with their heavy combat focus and streamlined plot and character interaction. They also spawned dozens of similar games, from Greek fantasy Titan Quest, to tactical Dungeon Siege, […]


MechWarrior Retrospective: The Future is Hawken

The first multiplayer game I really got into was an odd one – Microsoft’s MechWarrior series. If you haven’t played it, it’s basically a game in which you pilot a massive robotic walker, called a ‘mech, armed with a judicious amount of firepower. Unlike most FPS games of the time, there was a high level […]


Hawken Developer Interview

Hawken is a multiplayer mech combat game from indie developers Adhesive Games. After being excited by the game’s first gameplay trailer, I spoke to Adhesive founder and game designer Dave Nguyen.


Homefront PC Multiplayer Review

Last week I reviewed Homefront’s singleplayer campaign, and this week it’s time for the other side of the coin: Homefront’s multiplayer. You’d be excused for thinking Homefront’s multiplayer looks pretty much like that of any other current gen shooter: Thirty-two players on two teams, armed with the standard variety of modern-day firearms, vehicles and perks, […]


Homefront PC Singleplayer Review

Homefront’s opening cinematic outlines the game’s uncomfortably plausible premise: an opportunistic North Korea takes advantage of an America weakened by avian flu, skyrocketing oil prices and civil unrest to expand its holdings in Asia, then launches an attack on the American homeland itself. It’s a grim picture, ably penned by Apocalypse Now writer John Milius, […]

Razer BlackWidow

Razer BlackWidow Mechanical Keyboard Review

I love watching StarCraft 2 played by the best in the world, from the team houses of Korea to the tournament scene in Europe. One thing that always struck me about these players, beyond their fancy unit movements and incredible decision making, was their choice of gaming peripherals. Instead of using the latest keyboards and […]


Dragon Age 2 PC Review

Dragon Age: Origins was a game I loved and spent many days playing through. The subtle nuances of combat, skills, talents and items hearkened back to the early days of computer role playing games, which themselves weren’t so different from the RPGs of the tabletop. Yet for all the weight of these RPG roots, Origins […]

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