Popular Protoss Build Orders

These are a selection of the most popular Protoss Build Orders, taken from a Reddit thread of the same name. A redditor named Skyda provided many great build orders, but the formatting made them difficult to read and some were incomplete. I’ve taken the liberty of transcribing these build orders into a much more readable […]


Filco Majestouch-2 Tenkeyless Review

Filco’s mechanical keyboards are legendary, renowned in gaming circles for their performance and longevity. Their flagship keyboard, the Majestouch, has received an upgrade this year and become the Majestouch-2. It’s available with the standard array of Cherry switches: Blues, Blacks, and Browns. This particular review sample uses Cherry MX Browns, a ‘tactile action’ mechanical switch. […]


Mechanical Keyboard Guide

Cherry Switches This guide explains the differences between the four most common types of Cherry MX switches, often the biggest difference between mechanical keyboards. Each switch is named after its colour. Blue – These switches are the easiest to identify, as typing on them produces a loud clicky sound. They also produce tactile feedback, as […]

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Dirt 3 Review [PS3]

Dirt 3 is Codemasters’ latest off-road racing game, following up 2009’s Colin McRae: Dirt 2. While legendary rally racer McRae has been dropped from the title, Dirt 3 marks a return to the series’ rallying roots. True to form, the action is split across several off-road disciplines, including rally, rallycross, trailblazer, landrush and head-to-head modes. […]


Plantronics GameCom X10

Check out my first post for xsreviews.co.uk, my review of the budget Plantronics GameCom X10 headset!


Speedlink Medusa NX Stereo Gaming Headset

Today we’ve got the Speedlink Medusa NX Stereo Gaming Headset. As far as stereo gaming headsets go, the £30 Medusa NX is fairly inexpensive, so there’s certainly some potential for a good bargain here. Let’s see how it stacks up! First, let’s look at the sound quality. In video games, the Medusa NX provide good […]


Ozone Ground Level XT Mousepad Review

Gaming peripherals these days are titled like exotic cars, labelled with a baffling assortment of two letter acronyms boasting of increased performance, superior gaming acumen, and a competitive edge. You’d be excused for thinking Ozone’s Ground Level XT follows the same path, but happily the XT doesn’t stand for Xtreme Technology or Xtra Trendy: instead […]


SteelSeries Shift Gaming Keyboard Review

The SteelSeries Shift is all about one thing – customisability. Like the Zboard before it, the Shift can transform into a different keyboard to fit the game you’re playing. This isn’t just in software either; the actual physical keys can be quickly detached from the base unit and replaced with one of a number of […]

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