[Archive] Intro to eSports #1

This weekend I spent a few hours cheering on one of my favourite athletes as she competed on the world stage. She’s a professional, but doesn’t take part in traditional sports like football or sprinting. Instead, Scarlett is one of thousands of people who play video games professionally – an eSports athlete. Some play part-time, juggling school […]


What I’ve been up to recently

I realised recently that I haven’t posted anything here in months. So, here’s a quick update: I’m going ham on XSReviews.co.uk right now, really trying to get as many news and reviews articles up there as I can. There’s only so much you can do as one guy in your spare time, but I’m giving […]


EasyAcc PU Leather Case for iPhone 6 Plus

Today we’re looking at EasyAcc’s PU Leather Case for the iPhone 6 Plus (and 6S Plus). This is a fairly standard iPhone 6 Plus 5.5″ case, made from PU leather to maintain an aggressively low price point: just £6 ($9). Let’s see what you get for the money. First we have the box, which is a simple […]

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Mementos from the iPhone 6 queue

I sat in line for about twelve hours last week to buy the iPhone 6 Plus upon release. I’m not a massive Apple fan, but I wanted to review the phone and stocks of the 6 Plus version would take too long to arrive. Here are some random snippets of (hopeful) interest from the experience. […]


HTC One (M8) announced

This week, the new HTC One was announced at an event in London and New York. The phone, which goes by its M8 codename, is widely seen as one of the last chances for HTC to turn their company’s fortunes around. Despite continuing to release critically acclaimed phones, HTC’s stock price has fallen 90% since […]


Top 5 iPhone 5C cases 2014

Today we’re looking at five of the best iPhone 5C cases for 2014. Let’s get started, shall we? 5. Bling My Thing Milky Way Collection iPhone 5C Case – Crystal, Blue Mix, Cotton Candy We begin our top 5 with a rather fancy case from Bling My Thing. The Milky Way Collection is an interesting […]


Kensington Proximo, TripleTek Ultrabook Messenger & Stylus for Tablets Review

Kensington Proximo Starter Kit Have you ever lost your keys, bag or mobile? Kensington hope so, because they’ve created an interesting and inexpensive system called Proximo which will let you track down these missing essentials. Proximo is formed of two  parts. One part is a small fob you clip to the item in question, and the second […]

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Aorus X7 SLI Gaming Laptop Review

CES in Las Vegas is a cavalcade of consumer electronics for the year to come, with thousands of products from hundreds of exhibitors. This year, only one laptop at CES made the headlines: the Aorus X7. The X7 got so much attention because it’s the thinnest and lightest gaming laptop ever to ship with two […]

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