Microsoft Vine

I’ve just had a chance to take a look at a new piece of Microsoft software called Vine.  The service aims to provide a useful mashup of existing services — Facebook, Twitter, SMS, email, and more — to allow users to send and receive critical information about natural disasters. While the main interface is a […]

Samsung NC10 and Ubuntu 9.04

I recently tried to update my NC10 to Ubuntu 9.04, Jaunty Jackalope. I made sure my packages were up to date, then hit that welcoming ‘upgrade’ button on the package manager. Everything proceeded fine, until the installation was over, and all I had to do was restart. I restarted, but somehow the upgrade had destroyed […]

Company of Heroes Replay Pack Contest

Post your replays and make some cash! There has been a dearth of replays, particularly replay packs, over the last few weeks. So, I call on you, good citizens of [my blog], with a challenge… Go through your 2.501 replays, pick five or more games that exhibit great play, unique strategies, or good humor. These […]

Falaise Pocket, Trun: Swatting Flies

This is a strategy or walkthrough for beating the first mission in the Tales of Valor campaign Falaise Pocket, called Trun: Swatting Flies, which has you defending the town of Trun from a massive Allied invasion. Your objective in this first mission is to protect vulnerable Panzers from American armor and aircraft.


Yesterday, I was accepted as a writer for the Company of Heroes portal at It should be a lot of fun, and some good experience writing news and features for a popular website. I’m also waiting to hear back from Gamerzines to see if I’ll be writing for them as well. I really hope […]

Tales of Valour

A Company of Heroes expansion pack called Tales of Valor came out recently, and many people have been asking me questions about it. I thought I’d cover some of the most commonly asked questions here.

Six Days in Fallujah: The Controversy

You’ve probably heard about Six Days in Fallujah, an upcoming tactical shooter produced by Atomic Games and set in the Iraq War. It centres on the battle for Fallujah, which was fought in late 2004 and left 38 marines and an estimated 1200 insurgents dead. Just days after the announcement, it’s understandably got quite a […]

Wheelman Review

Vin Diesel’s latest escapade into the world of gaming is Wheelman, and once again he’s produced a game that’s actually worth playing. A product of his Tigon Studios and Midway Newcastle, it’s an action movie in game form – lots of excitement and explosions with a brain-dead story occasionally getting in the way.

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