Watch Company of Heroes 2.600 Replays in 2.601

With new patches, invariably come new problems. While this patch is relatively mild in such matters, one problem from the very beginning of Company of Heroes still lingers. That is, the incompatibility of replay files between versions. Short of reinstalling and patching only up to 2.600, your old replays won’t work. However, with a little […]

Company of Heroes 2.601 Patch Released

The 2.601 hotfix for Company of Heroes has been released. This is a minor patch, fixing a Panzerkrieg exploit and making the game easier to mod. To download the patch, simply log into Company of Heroes as normal and you’ll be prompted to start the download. If you’re worried that this download may be too […]

TeamSpeak 3

TeamSpeak developers are close to releasing TeamSpeak 3, the latest version of the popular voice communication tool. While the two versions will be incompatible, due to a complete re-write of the software, version 3 brings a bevy of new features and improvements.

Company of Heroes Online To Be Released By March 31st, 2010

THQ’s recent earnings report revealed that Company of Heroes Online, a free-to-play version of Company of Heroes, is due to be released this fiscal year. The game, which is currently being developed in cooperation with Shanda, a Chinese online game operator, has been playable since early this year. While THQ has declined to comment specifically […]

The $1134 Challenge

Based on xsistor’s latest build over at The Prior Art, I came up with this. The idea was to make a system to cost the same as some dosh all-in-one but with 3D goggles and a massive screen to start. I wanted to make a ATI/AMD system, so I did. I took off the same […]

Mionix Saiph 3200 Gaming Mouse Review

The Saiph 3200 is one of the two mice first produced by new Swedish gaming company Mionix in 2008. It is the weightier of the two, and carries a slightly higher pricetag. The 3200 in the name refers to the DPI of its laser sensor, compared to the 1800 of its sister. It is primarily […]

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