Massentourismus hat einen Verruf, ist nämlich allzu schädlich für die Umwelt: Große Touristengruppen steigen auf einmal an unberührte Orte ab und sie ruinieren sie für die künftigen Generationen. Biotourismus hofft darauf, einen neuen ökologischen Weg zu finden, wie man in kleinen Gruppen die ökologisch empfindlichen Regionen besuchen kann, ohne sie zu verletzen.


Bean: Open Source Writing App for OS X

Bean is a utilitarian and elegant writing application for Mac OS X. It’s pretty cool, as it lets you write in a very clear and stable environment, unladen with many menus, ribbons, and other accoutrements sported by competing software packages like the more cumbersome Microsoft Word and OpenOffice. Bean is open source and a small […]


Bad Company 2 Vietnam and Map Pack 7 Dates Announced!

This morning, our favourite Battlefield community manager Daniel Matros announced that Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam is set to be released on the 21st of December. Players ordering the game on Steam or the EA Store will be able to begin playing three days earlier, on the 18th of December. Vietnam will be retailing for $14.99 in the US and […]


The Long Tail

Long Tail gets its name from a power law curve showing popularity rankings. It shows that a few popular items in the head of the curve, the ‘hits’, are balanced by a larger number of less popular items in the long tail, the ‘niches’. The term’s progenitor, Wired editor Chris Anderson, applied the idea to […]


Back Online!

Hurrah! I’m back, with a new theme and with only a few hacking attempts.


Another Retheme

Hello there guys. I’m taking a break from my modeling work to work on the blog. I’ve added the pieces I’ve written for GameReplays.org over the past few months, and I’ve changed the theme to a shinier one. I’m not convinced by it, but I’ll have a go with shuffling things around and adding some […]

Modern Warefare 2 Mythbusters: Episode 2

Defend The House, everyone’s favourite Modern Warfare 2 Mythbusters, are back with another episode! This one covers Predator missile headshots, bulletproof leaves, killer mirrors, and much more. Check it out!

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