Battlefield 2142 Retrospective

Battlefield 2142 holds a special place in my heart because it’s the first shooter I was any good at. I’d been playing the Battlefield series since 1942, but I never had a fast enough (read: non-dialup) internet connection to support online play. In 1942 I used to play at infrequent LAN parties at the houses […]

Nimbus Review

—– It begins like many other games — the adversary appears, snatches your girl, and runs away laughing. You raise your fist to the sky, and vow to get her back. This time though, you’re not a sword-wielding hero or a manic plumber. You’re a small brown spaceship. Your girl is a pink spaceship. And […]

Bad Company 2 for iPhone Reviewed

Nine months after Bad Company 2’s successful release on consoles, publishers EA and developers Digital Legends Entertainment released Bad Company 2 for iPhone. At £3, the game isn’t expensive, but how does it compare to other iPhone shooters and Bad Company 2 proper? Let’s have a look at the shooter’s fourteen mission singleplayer campaign, online […]


Bad Company 2 Singleplayer Review

Battlefield has never been praised for its singleplayer campaigns. In 1942, you could play a series of World War II battles in chronological order, but there were no characters and no plot, save the wee loading screen text. Battlefield 2 and 2142 didn’t even have a campaign, just a skirmish mode against dim-witted bots. Modern […]


In Your Face Recon

Snipers. We’ve all seen them. They spawn, climb onto a high perch, and start picking off enemies (or at least trying to). They die, they go right back up there. They get involved in low-stakes sniper duels. They occasionally score a lucky hit from miles back, and scream into the headset. They suck. Recon is […]


Vietnam Weapons Guide

Here is a brief introduction to the weapons of Bad Company 2 Vietnam. I used each gun for two rounds each while playing Squad Deathmatch to get a good feel for them. We’ll produce more in-depth guides for each of the new weapons in the coming weeks. I’ve also included short sections on the gadgets […]


Vietnam Squad Deathmatch Tips

Here are a few tips and tricks to help you playing Squad Deathmatch in Vietnam. Keep the high ground – visibility is everything in Vietnam; if you can see them coming then you can likely deal the killing blow first. Stay away from your squad – if you’re in a tight group, you may fall […]

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