Future Plans

This blog will likely go dark over the next few months as I begin working on my final year project, a study of foot gesture recognition. I may write a few blog entries on my progress in this area, but I want the focus of this site to be on software, hardware, and video games rather than Computer Science. However, I thought I’d share, as a memory aid to myself and a point of interest to others, the tech/game articles that I’ll be writing if and when I have time to do so.

  • A parodic review of “Duty Calls” for the PC
  • A multiplayer review of Bad Company 2: Vietnam for PC
  • A multiplayer review of Call of Duty: Black Ops PC
  • A comparison of Black Ops on PC and 360
  • A review of Dead Space 2, likely the PS3 version
  • A review of Little Big Planet 2 for PS3
  • A review of Defy Gravity, an Indie game for PC
  • A review of World of Tanks, a freemium MMOTPG for PC

If you’ve particular interest in any of these, please let me know. I won’t have time to deliver reviews on all of them in a timely fashion, so suggestions are always appreciated.





Massentourismus hat einen Verruf, ist nämlich allzu schädlich für die Umwelt: Große Touristengruppen steigen auf einmal an unberührte Orte ab und sie ruinieren sie für die künftigen Generationen. Biotourismus hofft darauf, einen neuen ökologischen Weg zu finden, wie man in kleinen Gruppen die ökologisch empfindlichen Regionen besuchen kann, ohne sie zu verletzen.Continue reading


The Long Tail

Long Tail gets its name from a power law curve showing popularity rankings. It shows that a few popular items in the head of the curve, the ‘hits’, are balanced by a larger number of less popular items in the long tail, the ‘niches’. The term’s progenitor, Wired editor Chris Anderson, applied the idea to companies like Amazon.com and Netflix to explain their massive growth in the dot-com era.

Anderson argued that by combining infinite shelf space with powerful recommendation and filtering algorithms, these retailers can realise significant profit from these low-volume items not available from brick-and-mortar stores. In this way, they can break from the traditional 80/20 rule of economics applied to retailers with limited shelf space, which suggested a hit- based economy where 20% of products made up 80% of the sales.Continue reading


Another Retheme

Hello there guys. I’m taking a break from my modeling work to work on the blog. I’ve added the pieces I’ve written for GameReplays.org over the past few months, and I’ve changed the theme to a shinier one. I’m not convinced by it, but I’ll have a go with shuffling things around and adding some widgets and hopefully it’ll be good to go.Continue reading

Website Reskin!

To celebrate my recent move from WordPress.com to external hosting (cheers, Josh) I’ve done a bit of a reskin. The new one is called Arras, and I quite like it. I am still trying to make it more obvious how the front page is divided (if you’re wondering it’s news at the top, reviews below, and guides below that.) but overall I think it lends a much more professional air to the place.

As soon as my exams are over in three days’ time, I shall post a review of the three gaming keyboards I’ve been using as of late. Until then, adieu!


Yesterday, I was accepted as a writer for the Company of Heroes portal at GameReplays.org. It should be a lot of fun, and some good experience writing news and features for a popular website.

I’m also waiting to hear back from Gamerzines to see if I’ll be writing for them as well. I really hope I get it, it’ll be a much more professional gig that GameReplays, and between the two I’ll get a good mix of experiences. And I’d be able to cover a much wider range of topics.

It’s an exciting time — it’s great to see my dream of being a professional journalist getting closer!

Other Blogs

I’ve written a few blogs for my work at Sun; I’m a Campus Ambassador at the University of Bristol. What that means is that I organise events to promote Sun and Open Source solutions around the University. We just held a Hack Day, so check out the official website or my Sun blog.