Vietnam Weapons Guide

Here is a brief introduction to the weapons of Bad Company 2 Vietnam. I used each gun for two rounds each while playing Squad Deathmatch to get a good feel for them. We’ll produce more in-depth guides for each of the new weapons in the coming weeks. I’ve also included short sections on the gadgets and specializations of Vietnam where they differ from vanilla Battlefield.Continue reading


Vietnam Squad Deathmatch Tips

Here are a few tips and tricks to help you playing Squad Deathmatch in Vietnam.

Keep the high ground – visibility is everything in Vietnam; if you can see them coming then you can likely deal the killing blow first.

Stay away from your squad – if you’re in a tight group, you may fall to a few bursts from an enemy’s assault rifle. Use the dense foliage to your advantage, and hide meters away instead of feet away.Continue reading

Most Popular MW2 Weapons By Level

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been running a Massive Weapon Poll in the General Discussion board. Now, we’d like to officially bring you the results of this poll, in the form of some lovely tables and charts with numbers on them. For each weapon class (Assault, SMG, etc.) we’ve got a pie chart of the final poll results, then a breakdown of what weapon our voters preferred by level.Continue reading

Getting A More Accurate Ping in MW2

Here’s a way to get a much more accurate ping while playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. For those who don’t know, ping is the measure of how long it takes to send the information of what you are doing in-game to the host’s computer, which then processes it. The host will have a ping of close to 0, since their data doesn’t have to travel to get to their own computer, while the further you physically are from the host the higher your ping is going to be. A high ping is very bad, as it creates lag between when you shoot/move and when it is registered, making it very difficult to hit moving targets, or shoot an enemy before he shoots you.

The current display of ping that IWNet shows is rather inaccurate, since it groups you very roughly into large brackets, which means that you may have a rather bad ping without knowing it. This guide shows you how to reconfigure your ping display to show a much more accurate picture of players ping, and therefore, lag. Continue reading

How To Get The Nuke in MW2

Are you hankering after that 25-hit wonder, the Tactical Nuke? Want to see your enemies being vaporized in the atomic fire? Is it proving too difficult to get all the way to ten, let alone to twenty-five? Well friends, help is here. With this guide, you stand an excellent chance of getting the Nuke after all!Continue reading

Showing FPS & Recording Video in MW2

This guide will help you monitor your FPS (Or Frames-Per-Second) and record videos of your games in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Why would you want to do either of those things? Well, seeing your FPS is very useful for configuring your graphics settings, and ensuring you’ve got sufficient hardware to run the game with a good FPS. Recording videos is a fun way to replay your finest or most hilarious moments, and has lead to a cottage industry of YouTube video game highlight reels. Both can be accomplished using external programs, two of which will be covered today: Xfire and Fraps.Continue reading