Bad Company 2 for iPhone Reviewed

Nine months after Bad Company 2’s successful release on consoles, publishers EA and developers Digital Legends Entertainment released Bad Company 2 for iPhone. At £3, the game isn’t expensive, but how does it compare to other iPhone shooters and Bad Company 2 proper? Let’s have a look at the shooter’s fourteen mission singleplayer campaign, online multiplayer and technical quality to make our decision.

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Bad Company 2 Singleplayer Review

Battlefield has never been praised for its singleplayer campaigns. In 1942, you could play a series of World War II battles in chronological order, but there were no characters and no plot, save the wee loading screen text. Battlefield 2 and 2142 didn’t even have a campaign, just a skirmish mode against dim-witted bots. Modern Combat, a mediocre port of Battlefield 2, had a singleplayer campaign, but it wasn’t worth the disc space it occupied. It looked like DICE, the master of multiplayer, couldn’t bring their strength to bear on the other side of the divide.

Luckily for us, DICE went back to the drawing board and produced Bad Company. With lessons learned from its previous failures and good ideas cribbed from other games in the genre, they crafted a fun story with believable characters that still felt like a Battlefield game, complete with massive landscapes and a large stable of vehicles. Now DICE are back and gunning for their biggest competitor, Infinity Ward and their genre-leading Call of Duty titles. They’ve promised an improved singleplayer experience that’s slightly darker in tone, but will that be enough to rival Modern Warfare 2?Continue reading


In Your Face Recon

Snipers. We’ve all seen them. They spawn, climb onto a high perch, and start picking off enemies (or at least trying to). They die, they go right back up there. They get involved in low-stakes sniper duels. They occasionally score a lucky hit from miles back, and scream into the headset. They suck.

Recon is not necessarily about sniping. Not really. The clue’s in the name. Recon. Not sniper. Recon means spotting, it means movement, it means action, it means helping the team. More than any other class, Recon players are gamechangers, shifting the balance in their team’s favour with simple, sometimes explosive actions.Continue reading


Vietnam Weapons Guide

Here is a brief introduction to the weapons of Bad Company 2 Vietnam. I used each gun for two rounds each while playing Squad Deathmatch to get a good feel for them. We’ll produce more in-depth guides for each of the new weapons in the coming weeks. I’ve also included short sections on the gadgets and specializations of Vietnam where they differ from vanilla Battlefield.Continue reading


Vietnam Squad Deathmatch Tips

Here are a few tips and tricks to help you playing Squad Deathmatch in Vietnam.

Keep the high ground – visibility is everything in Vietnam; if you can see them coming then you can likely deal the killing blow first.

Stay away from your squad – if you’re in a tight group, you may fall to a few bursts from an enemy’s assault rifle. Use the dense foliage to your advantage, and hide meters away instead of feet away.Continue reading

Most Popular MW2 Weapons By Level

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been running a Massive Weapon Poll in the General Discussion board. Now, we’d like to officially bring you the results of this poll, in the form of some lovely tables and charts with numbers on them. For each weapon class (Assault, SMG, etc.) we’ve got a pie chart of the final poll results, then a breakdown of what weapon our voters preferred by level.Continue reading