EasyAcc PU Leather Case for iPhone 6 Plus

Today we’re looking at EasyAcc’s PU Leather Case for the iPhone 6 Plus (and 6S Plus). This is a fairly standard iPhone 6 Plus 5.5″ case, made from PU leather to maintain an aggressively low price point: just £6 ($9). Let’s see what you get for the money.


First we have the box, which is a simple cardboard construction with a not-particularly-accurate label of ‘Tablet PC Case’. Still, it’s sufficient to keep the case undamaged in transit, and at this price point that’s all I really care about when it comes to the packaging.


Now we get our first look at the case itself. While this isn’t “real” leather, it still looks quite similar to the genuine article, with a relatively hard in-hand feel and that expected leathery pattern. The smell is fairly non-existent, but not at all unpleasant. The front of the case is unadorned except for an EasyAcc mark in the lower right corner. I could have done without, but it’s not too noticeable in everyday use.


The back has the clasp, as well as a simple lozenge-shaped cutout for the camera. The back also has a visible line running down the the centre, which is where the case will bend to work as a stand. The stitching here is fairly fine, with no obvious imperfections.


In stand mode, you get a nice angle for watching films. This is brilliant for use on train or aeroplane tables, where it’s a squeeze to fit a laptop. It’s also good for playing some games, and is reasonably stiff to remain in place while you tap away.


Opening up the case and putting the iPhone 6 Plus inside, we can see there’s a hard plastic enclosure to keep the phone secure. On the left hand side, we have a pair of slim pockets (with chevron-shaped cutouts) for credit cards and ID. We also have a larger pocket, which is sufficient for holding bits of paper like cash money. British and American currencies fit nicely inside, so others should as well.


Once filled, the EasyAcc Leather PU case is fairly thick, but still slim enough into the pocket of an average pair of jeans. Given that you can ditch your wallet in favour of the case, the net gain of space isn’t significant.

Overall, the case seems quite good for the money. The design is straight-forward and error-free, the phone seems secure inside and the wallet pockets are a practical addition. If you’re looking for a wallet case and you don’t care to pay extra for a 100% leather case, then this is a great choice.


You can get the EasyAcc Leather PU Case for the iPhone 6 Plus on Amazon. The link provided should localise to your Amazon marketplace of choice.

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