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Mementos from the iPhone 6 queue

2014-09-19 06.38.52

I sat in line for about twelve hours last week to buy the iPhone 6 Plus upon release. I’m not a massive Apple fan, but I wanted to review the phone and stocks of the 6 Plus version would take too long to arrive. Here are some random snippets of (hopeful) interest from the experience.

  • A couple in the queue assuming the woman I was sitting next to was my mom, and everyone just went along with it. “Wow, your son is really into reading!” “Yes, he’s quite the intellectual.”
  • My ‘mom’ loaned me pink socks after mine were soaked… and I discovered I was still wearing them when I got home.
  • Everyone in the line that I spoke with (~10 at the very front) were queuing to buy at least one 6 Plus.
  • Gold was the most popular choice, followed by silver and space grey.
  • 64GB was the most popular size; 16GB the least.
  • Apple employees brought out umbrellas, water, doughnuts and coffee at various points.
  • When the rain and lightning got bad, Apple employees moved the queue to a nearby arcade and took down names on an iPad Mini.
  • One woman literally starting screaming when an iPhone 6 display model was put into the store window.
  • About two or three dozen people of Indian descent joined the line together, at around midnight.
  • The worst thunderstorms of the summer occurred during the night of the queue.
  • I read a 220-page book, largely while pacing the length of the arcade in my pink socks. This made me something of a curiosity, and I got into an interesting conversation with a passing girl.
  • True to form, Apple employees came whooping and hollering just before the store opened to customers.
  • One woman paid in cash she stored in her bra.
  • A homeless man joined the queue after asking questions about the cost of the phone, but was cleared off by a security guard.
  • I paid £700 for a 64GB space grey iPhone 6 Plus; it was the most money I’ve ever paid in person by a factor of five.

I’m guessing this mostly isn’t interesting, but I thought I’d release it just because I wrote it down, and it might be interesting to refer to later.

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