Portfolio: Gigabyte P35K review

Portfolio: I spend a lot of my time writing, but very little appears on my own website. This is my attempt to link to some of the news, reviews and other content that I’m most proud of, no matter where it appears.

Just a brief note to say that I finished my review of the Gigabyte P35K UItrablade gaming laptop, after staying up way too late tonight! I’ve started shooting in RAW for the first time (I’m a newb, I know!) and hopefully the pictures will show some improvement over what I’ve produced in the past. I’ve also spent a lot of time getting the charts and benchmarks looking good, so I hope that goes over well.

This is a super-slim 15″ laptop that’s actually capable of some serious gaming, thanks to a Nvidia 675M graphics card. If you’re looking at the Razer Blade but want something more professional-looking, then this is a really nice choice – and might be a fair bit cheaper as well, depending on your local retailers.

Check out the full review at XSReviews via the link above, and be sure to let me know your feedback.


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