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Samsung Galaxy S4 Rumour Roundup

Hi folks. Today, we’re going to be looking at the potential hardware specifications of the next big Samsung handset, the Galaxy S4. Let’s get right into it.


There are three options here, ordered from least to most impressive: The Exynos 5250 (the dual-core A15 chipset with Mali 604, used already in the Nexus 10), the Exynos 5450 (a quad-core version with a Mali 658 GPU that should be incredibly beastly) and the unthinkably powerful big.LITTLE configuration (a four-core A15 with four-core A7).

I feel the first is too boring and the third more likely to be seen in a tablet first, but the second sounds good – four powerful cores seems doable in the next four months or so. We may yet see a Galaxy phone or tablet with a big.LITTLE configuration, as it does make a lot of sense from a power usage standpoint – like the Tegra 3, the less powerful cores can be used for simple tasks, ensuring the full power of the chipset is only used when needed.


We’re likely going to see a 4.99″ 1080p display at 441 pixels per inch, equalling the count of the Droid DNA and several other forthcoming Android handsets. Samsung are reportedly finding production of the display difficult, and are shifting their lower and mid-range handsets to use LCD PLS instead of Super AMOLED. That option will remain for the higher end handsets, so we will likely see the Galaxy S4 use Super AMOLED once again.


Here, we’re hearing that we’ll see a 13 megapixel sensor. Samsung have used 8 megapixels for the last two generations of the Galaxy S, so a move to 13 megapixels would make sense and shouldn’t be too hard.

Wireless Charging

While it hasn’t been discussed in either direction yet, my own personal hope for the Galaxy S4 is that it includes wireless charging support in the box. This wasn’t the case for the Galaxy S3 – instead, Samsung promised a wireless charging accessory that never came. With the Lumia 920 and Nexus 4 shipping with the tech built in, it’s about time Samsung equalises.

Announcement date

The early indication is that we’ll see this phone announced in late Q1 or Q2, at a Samsung Unpacked event.


So there we have it – all we know (or think we know) about the Samsung Galaxy S4. Be sure to let me know what you think of the proposed handset in the comments below. Thanks for reading!

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