5 Brilliant Travel Apps for iPhone

Howdy folks. Today we’ll be looking at five brilliant travel apps for iPhone that I discovered when staying at a Cumbria Cottage. From getting there to staying amused on those late nights, hopefully you’ll find these apps helpful. Let’s get started, shall we?

5. National Rail Enquiries – Free

The National Rail Enquiries app is a good one, covering all of the basics without getting too difficult to use. It’s the official app of National Rail, and as such contains the functionality you’d expect: live train tracking, journey planning, service notifications and so on. One cool feature is a ‘wake me up alarm’ that’ll alert you when you’re reaching your stop – nice!

4. Trip Journal – £1.99

The Trip Journal app is a good one for creatively-minded travellers – it allows you to create a digital scrapbook from photos, text and videos that you take on holiday or while travelling. The resultant scrapbook can then be share via a host of social media options, including Facebook, Twitter and Flickr.

3. Passbook – Not yet released

Passbook is one of the coolest new apps that was revealed with iOS 6 at the beginning of the WorldWide Developers Conference earlier this week. The app serves as a home for all of your digial tickets, boarding passes and merchant cards, allowing you to find them more easily. The app also includes relevant information like gate numbers, which are kept up to date automatically.

2. Just Landed – Free

Just Landed is that rare combination of an app that’s both functional and beautiful. The app is used for flight tracking as you might expect, displaying all kinds of information about a given flight – landing time, terminal and even driving time from your current location. It’s crisply designed and really has to be seen to be believed.

1. TripAdvisor – Free

TripAdvisor is a well known app that provides information on locations in your area,  including restaurants, hotels and attractions. Thanks to the popularity of the app, each site can have thousands of recomemndations – something I experienced even when off the beaten track in a pretty piece of Hadrian’s Wall accommodation. It’s a well designed app that has earnt its popularity, so check it out.


Thanks for reading – I hope you’ve found these travel apps useful! If you’ve got any suggestions on cool apps that I’ve missed, then you can share them in the comments below.

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