Top 5 iPhone apps for brewing coffee

In this article, we’ll be looking at the best apps for brewing your very own coffee. Whether you’re choosing from Senseo pods, roasting your own beans or anything in between, you should find these apps expand your knowledge and help you make that perfect cup. Let’s get right into it!

1. Affogato – £0.69

Affogata is the perfect app for beginner baristas. It gives simple step by step instructions for creating all manner of Italian coffee brews. Each step is in plain English and often a diagram is included, so it’s very difficult to go wrong. There’s even information on how the various brewing machines work – all very essential stuff.

2. Spro – £1.49

Like Affogato, Spro is a coffee app that shows you how to make Italian coffee. It takes a more minimalistic approach, with graphics that explain the proportions required without a lot of text. You can also use Spro to create a custom drink by specifying the ingredients that you want in it – pretty neat!

3. Art of Coffee – £1.99

If you’ve ever seen pictures on the internet of those awesome coffees topped with interesting designs, then you’ve seen what’s known as ‘espresso art.’ This app lets you become an espresso artist yourself, with step by step instructions to creating dozens of different designs across three difficulty levels – basics, essentials and advanced.

4. Coffee Cellar – £0.69

Coffee Cellar is for those that have gone off the deep end and are roasting their own coffee. The app is a simple way of recording where all of the beans that you buy have come from, so you have an easy way of remaking that perfect roast. You can add tasting notes, note the origin, take photos and share the results, as well as look back through your whole cellar of coffee when you’re making that difficult decision about which beans to get next.

5. Intelligentsia Coffee – Free

This app goes further than Coffee Cellar, with step by step instructions on roasting your own beans as well as a directory of shops that’ll sell your their beans. Plenty of brands are supported and more are added all the time, so if you’re roasting your own then this is definitely an app you should be using.


I hope you find these coffee makin’ apps useful. Be sure to let me know what you think in the comments below, and I’ve left off your favourite coffee app then be sure to include it in your comment!  Thanks for reading and have a good one.

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