Samsung Galaxy S3 Connection Kit

This is perhaps one of the coolest accessories for the Galaxy S3 I’ve seen yet. It’s a small box which plugs into the Galaxy S3’s USB port, allowing you to then plug in a number of different items.

The first option is USB. This is probably the most useful of the bunch, as it means you can plug a whole range of devices – USB flash drives will show up as removable storage on the phone, while USB keyboards and mice will allow you to control your phone – a blessing for anyone attempting to write a long paper or surf the web!

There’s also micro SD and SD – these work similarly, allowing you to easily access files on these cards, so you can copy photos to your phone or share files with others easily.

Finally, there’s micro SD. This means you can charge your phone while you’re using the functions, so you don’t have to choose between extra functionality and battery life.

We’ve made a video showing off the Connection Kit working with the Samsung Galaxy S3, so to get a better idea definitely have a look!

For more information, check out the Mobile Fun Connection Kit for Samsung Galaxy S3 product page.

Thanks for reading, and let me know if you have any questions in the comments field below!

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