LinkedIn app released for Windows Phone

Microsoft are continuing to narrow that app gap that so hamstrings their platform – today, the big name they’re announcing is none other than LinkedIn, the professional social network.

The app, which comes just after LinkedIn was released on iPad, is free to download for all and includes all of the features that you’d expect. You can browse through job listings, see updates from your connections in real time, view group information and updates, as well as sharing updates yourself.

The app fits perfectly into the Metro guidelines, and may perhaps be the most nicely designed Windows Phone apps I’ve ever seen, allowing for all of the same functionality as the iOS and Android versions but in an instantly recognisable Windows Phone format. It also has a few special features just on Windows Phone, including Live Tile notifications for incoming messages and invitations. There’s also the ability to create a secondary Live Tile for group updates.

It’s definitely an impressive showing for a first release and is already the equal of its brethren on other platforms. Everything runs smoothly and efficiently as should be the case for the Lumia 900 and the five start reviews keep piling in, so get downloading now!

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