Nokia Lumia 900 will hit UK on May 15th

It looks like the biggest Windows Phone on the block may soon be visiting rainy old England. The sim-free Nokia Lumia 900, which was earlier rumoured to be delayed in the UK thanks to strong demand in US, has been confirmed to be available at retail on May 14th. It’ll also be released elsewhere in the EU shortly afterwards.

The 4.3” handset is an upsized variant of the Nokia Lumia 800, which has only a 3.7” screen. The handset also includes a new front-facing camera not found on the 800 and, in the US, has LTE capabilities. It runs Windows Phone 7.5 and is powered by a 1.4 GHz single core CPU, 512 MB of RAM and a Carl Zeiss rear camera.

It’s unknown whether we’ll see the same Nokia Lumia 900 accessories as we did with the US release – there, it was generally available in a pack which included premium headphones for customers that pre-ordered, as well as a USB charger, wall adapter and a silicone Nokia Lumia 900 case.

It’s also unknown how much the phone will cost at retail, with the US release including a low $99 surcharge on contract. The sim-free price is expected to be approximately £480, standard for an upper-range handset but much more than any other Windows Phone on the market.

Lumia will certainly be looking to make a splash with their flagship tablet, but will the UK market be as enthusiast as the American one? Only time will tell.

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