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Top 5 Travel Apps for Android

In today’s Android app roundup, we’ll be looking at some of the very best travel apps. Whether they’re specific apps for a specific mode of travel like trains or planes, or more general purpose apps that let you organise or record a journey, your Android smartphone can prove invaluable while you’re travelling – if you can keep it charged, of course. Let’s get right into it.

5. Train Tickets

If you’re traveling in the UK, chances are your best bet is often to go by rail. Train stations have become a lot easier to master than they used to be, but if you arrive late it’s often invaluable to have the train timetable on your phone instead of on a board somewhere. Train Tickets from Crosscountry Trains is one of a few different apps that offer this service, with live train time boards for stations across the UK. You’re able to see which platform a departing or arriving train will be stopping at, as well if it’s been delayed and where it was last spotted. The app, as the name suggests, also allows you to book train tickets quickly and easily – although some functionality, including seat picking is missing. Some alternative apps are Trainline Tickets and National Rail’s Rail Planner Live.

4. Trip Journal

This is a great one for creative types who like to keep a record of what they’ve done and where they’ve gone when travelling. Trip Journal essentially works by linking journal entries, whether they be text notes, photos or videos, to GPS locations. Whenever you travel to a new destination (whether that be a famous landmark, a nice restaurant or even a Hadrian’s Wall cottage in Cumbria, if you’re me). You open the app, note down that you’re there and add in whatever notes or media you want. When you get back, you’ve got a nice interactive journal.

3. TripIt

TripIt is a rather clever app that automatically generates a schedule for you based on the emails you get sent whenever you book a bus, rail or plane trip. It’ll spit out a nicely generated and locally stored schedule within a few seconds, and will also add local weather, maps and other relevant information. It can occasionally backfire though, with mangled itineraries, so it’s definitely worth checking the results before you step out the door – I once was on my way to this aforementioned Cumbria bed and breakfast and only noticed that the app had failed when I arrived at the train station on the wrong day! Usually though, TripIt is pure gold.

2. Flight Track

Another specific one this time – Flight Track is the best app I’ve found for booking and tracking flights on Android. As well as allowing you to track flights as they come in, including a nice map overlay, you’re also able to see ‘delay forecasts’ based on past events and see which seats are best via an automatic link to the plane on SeatGuru, something that’s essential when you’re making your booking.

1. TripAdvisor

Our last (and possibly best) app for travel is the legendary TripAdvisor. This Android app allows you to find all manner of useful information about your next destination – everything from places to eat, hotels, flights to things to do. This latter section is particularly useful as even the most remote destinations have several suggestions, ordered by visitor ratings, and gives you a good grasp of what’s actually worth seeing and what’s overblown. You’re also able to see hundreds or thousands of photos, which is brilliant if you’re looking to take some pictures of your own or just looking to see what the place is like on the ground.


So that’s it then – a nice breakdown of the five travel apps I’ve found the most useful in my own experiences. Of course, there are loads more useful travel apps than what I’ve listed here… what are your favourites? Let us know via the comments below, and be sure to include real-life examples of when they’ve come in handy!

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