A Misplaced Blog Post on the SAV Ghost

Early adopters, rejoice! The most annoying bug for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus has – unofficially – been squashed. Some Nexus owners had reported that the handset would randomly mute itself, hindering phone calls and music listening alike.

The bug, called the ‘SAV Ghost’, has been reportedly fixed by independent developer Paul O’Brien. His fix rolls out today as a new custom ROM, available in both ‘stock’ and ‘enhanced’ flavours. The enhanced version includes faster rotation and alternative UI options, so if you’re feeling adventurous go for that one.

Of course, to install the new ROM you’ll need to flash your device. This isn’t an entirely risk-free undertaking, so make sure you follow the directions and proceed with caution. It requires a rooted Galaxy Nexus with ClockworkMod Recovery installed (directions for that are here). Here are the directions for the ‘enhanced’ variant, copied from this thread.

  1. Download the zip file of your choice and copy it to /sdcard/ on the Galaxy Nexus.
  2. Turn off, then start the Nexus in recovery mode (hold Volume Up, Volume Down and Power).
  3. Perform a NANDROID backup from the menu
  4. Select the option to apply an update .zip, then select the .zip file you copied to /sdcard/.

So it’s a fairly simple operation; the same principles as flashing any custom ROM. Of course, Google are reportedly working to release a fix themselves, so if you’d prefer to err on the side of caution then it’d be better to wait.

Even if you don’t take the plunge yourself, the release does prove that the bug can be fixed (or at least controlled) via software, and is probably the major reason that sim-free shipments of the phone were delayed until the 1st of December in the UK. Good news all around then!

This article was written by William Judd. William writes for Mobile Fun, the UK’s leading online retailer of the official Kindle cover and third party Kindle covers.

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