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A Mislaid Blog Post on Aggravated Avians

We just got these in at the office – a range of Angry Birds speakers and docks. I was going to write about these, but I didn’t notice it’d already been done! So that my (meagre) effort isn’t wasted, I thought I’d post the article here instead. Photography isn’t mine, of course.

The face of the Angry Birds series, the Red Bird, is the first speaker we offer. It comes with a clever stand that’s perfect for an iPhone or other smartphone in landscape mode. It uses a 3.5 mm jack, making it compatible with all kinds of smartphones and MP3 players, as well as tablets, laptops and PCs. The speaker produces strong, room filling sound.

Personally, my favourite Angry Bird is the Black Bird, the bomb that eliminates fortifications so joyously. This dock and speaker combo is compatible with iPhones, iPods and iPads. The dock also comes with a handy remote control, so that you can adjust the volume from a distance.

If you prefer a ponderous porcine to an aggravated avian, then the Helmet Pig Speaker for Apple Devices is the one for you. The dock is compatible with any iPhone or iPod with a 30 pin connector, and comes with a remote control.

For more Angry Birds merchandise, including iPhone cases and iPad 2 cases, check out the special Angry Birds accessories section at Mobile Fun.

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