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Mini Bluetooth Keyboard Review

I’ve been looking for a way of connecting a keyboard to my Galaxy S2 as of late. Most have revolved around the Galaxy S2’s willingness to accept USB OTG (on-the-go) connections; the basic idea is that you plug in a micro USB to USB adapter and connect your USB keyboard directly. The keyboards at work are perfectly suited for this, allowing me to type away on my phone quite happily. All of the keyboards at my house, however, do not work at all in this manner. Some fail due to excess power requirements, and others simply don’t work even though they appear to connect successfully (‘USB device connected!’ the Galaxy S2 shouts, but to no avail).

For this reason, I’ve decided to settle on a Bluetooth keyboard (alternate solution: buy a cheap USB keyboard off eBay of the kind found in the office). As we had a sample lying around, I thought I’d use it for a while and give it a review. The keyboard is called the Mini Bluetooth Keyboard, and sports a full QWERTY array as well as a few function keys. The keyboard is quite slim, as you can see, and runs for days once fully charged.

How is it to use? Well, it’s not quite as good as a good laptop keyboard or my favourite mechanical, but it’s not that bad… the keys have little travel, making for relatively fast typing, and they are of a decent size as to allow good accuracy. The keyboard is comfortable enough to hold in the hands or on a desk, and makes writing out emails or long SMS rants rather painfree.

Overall, not a bad product. My sample happened to come with Korean characters printed in addition to English, but that’s only a bonus for me as it means it’s easier for me to write out Korean phrases (e.g. 소녀시대 , 지지요 or ㅋㅋㅋㅋ) without having to guess where the characters are. Hurrah!

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3 / 5 stars     
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