Tivoli Audio PAL+, Expertly Crafted DAB Radio

American audio master-crafters Tivoli Audio have released an update to their seminal PAL radio, called the PAL+. The new design takes the minimalist radio into the modern day with the inclusion of digital DAB radio. The radio, which is portable and weather-resistant radio looks surprisingly well suited to a variety of roles, from home life to travel or even the great outdoors.

I ran into one of the original PALs at a friend’s in London, and it’s nice to see that a DAB version with the same level of style — I’d be interested to see how the audio quality compares. The radio also includes a 3.5mm auxiliary input, so you can listen to your mobile phone or MP3 player on the same lovely speaker. The radio’s available in six colour options, and retails for a crisp £249.99.

Anyway, if you’d like to see more about the PAL+ FM/DAB/FAB+ Portable Radio, just check out the product page.

Tivoli have also put out a press release, which follows:

London, UK, October 2011 – Tivoli Audio introduces the PAL+, the DAB-equipped evolution of the original and multi-award winning PAL. Introduced back in 2002 the PAL quickly established itself as one of Tivoli Audio’s most popular and critically acclaimed radios. Now, in addition to FM RDS reception, the PAL+ sports DAB, DAB+, and DMB capability. And bearing in mind that PAL stands for ‘Portable Audio Laboratory’ the new arrival maintains that exceptionally useful ‘on the go’ ability.

 Playing home or away, though, the PAL+ is simple to use. The PAL+’s large display with adjustable backlight means you can’t miss info, such as the time or station details. The package includes a holder for the full-function remote control, and the top-located control wheel let’s you access features when you’re up close and personal. Round the back of the PAL+ you’ll find a 3.5mm aux-in – perfect for hooking up the likes of an iDevice or Android smartphone and enjoying your mobile’s music library, or even tunes streamed via Spotify Mobile – as well as a stereo headphone output that is switchable to mono for improved reception of noisy FM stations.

Stylish looks and clever touches mean little without equally smart sound and the PAL+ doesn’t overlook its raison d’être. Using Tivoli Audio’s award-wining circuitry combined with its magnetically shielded 6.5cm full-range driver the portable delivers a superbly balanced sound that belies its diminutive dimensions.

“The PAL+ embodies our design principles – it looks and feels beautiful, is easy to use, and sounds wonderful,” says Tom DeVesto, Tivoli Audio CEO and founder. “The original PAL is a much loved model and we have worked long and hard to ensure the PAL+ has the chance to engender similar levels of public affection.”

The PAL+ launches October 2011 at an SRP of £249.00. Tivoli Audio products are sold throughout UK high-street stores or direct by visiting the newly redesigned online store at www.tivoli-audio.co.uk.

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