How to update Firefox 4

If you’ve heard about the cool new features Firefox 4 Beta 9’s recent release, you might want to get that new update! Unfortunately, the update process isn’t as easy as you might think. I wanted to update Firefox 4 on my Mac today, and there didn’t seem to be any handy “update Firefox” menu item, and I didn’t want to download all of Firefox again to do it. Googling was no use, but I soon figured it out…

Firefox 4’s update command is hiding in the About Firefox menu! For Windows users, that’s under Help on the new Firefox menu, and for Mac OS X users it’s under Firefox on the menubar. Once you’ve got the About Firefox window open (as shown above), Firefox will automatically check for and download an update. Once it’s downloaded, a button will appear to let you restart Firefox and apply the update.

I hope this helps someone – it certainly confused me for a minute or two!

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