How to Install Karmic Koala: Ubuntu Netbook Remix (UNR)

You Will Need:

  • A netbook (I’m going to use the Samsung NC10 as my example machine).
  • A working computer, either Windows or Linux.
  • A 1GB or larger USB drive

How do I install Karmic Koala UNR on my NC10?

(Yes, these instructions will work on any netbook: Only the BIOS information will be a bit different.)

1. Download the latest Karmic Koala UNR ISO from the official site.

2. Download UNetbootin from the official site. This program copies ISO and IMG disk images, like the one we just downloaded, onto USB drives and makes them bootable.

3. Run UNetbootin (as seen below). Instead of picking the distribution in the dropdowns, just select the Diskimage option and browse () to your ISO file. Then, plug in your USB drive, and select it in UNetbootin. If, like me, your USB drive doesn’t appear in the drop-down list, check the Show All Drives box and then select it very carefully. (If you get this wrong, bad things happen). When you’re ready, click OK, and UNetbootin will start to copy the files to your USB drive. Let it run for as long as it needs to, even if it appears to have frozen. For me, it took about two minutes to prepare the drive.

UNetbootin, with the correct options

4. Safely remove your USB drive, then plug it into the (turned off) NC10.

5. Start up the netbook, hitting F2 to go into the BIOS. Press left and right to change tabs until you get to the Boot tab. Press Enter to check the Boot Device Priority. Ensure USB HDD is the highest priority (number 1 in the list). If it’s not, select it and press F5 and F6 until it is. Once you’re done, hit F10 to restart. (These instructions may not be exact for every netbook. If in doubt, ask in the comments below.)

6. Upon booting, it should ask you to choose your lanugauge from a long list. Pick your language, and you’ll get the Ubuntu boot menu options. Press Down and then Enter to select Install Ubuntu Netbook Remix. The Ubuntu 9.10 icon will appear in the centre of the screen. Wait for a while, and the installation screen proper will appear.

7. Just follow the directions onscreen to install the Netbook Remix. You’ll have to choose a language, pick your location on a map and choose a keyboard layout. Next comes the only (possibly) tricky bit: Paritioning. The installer is pretty good, telling you what operating systems are all already installed on your NC10. If you want to dualboot, then the installer will shrink the drives for you and install Ubuntu on the remainder, or if you want to just run the Netbook Remix, erase the entire drive and then install there. After this step, you just have to specify your username and computername, and then review the changes you’re about to make. If you’re happy with them, then hit OK to let the installer start partitioning and copying.

8. Once it’s done, your computer will restart, and boot up into the Ubuntu Netbook Remix. You’ve achieved!

Karmic Koala works really well by default on the NC10, with almost everything working by default. Next week, I’ll show you how to get those missing bits working. In the meantime, I’d suggest looking at this PPA. If you have any problems, or even any successes, let me know in the comments below :)

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  • drbinofski

    Hi William,

    Just to say I’ve installed Karmic Koala (UNR) as part of an XP dual-boot on my Samsung NC310. I used UNetBootIn to create a USB boot disk. Doing that on the NC310 (rather than a more powerful machine – because I haven’t got one) took some considerable time. However once that was done it booted up nicely, adjusted the partition that was already on the drive (courtesy of the XP install) and KK installed with no hitches. Still exploring what works and doesn’t work – but pretty much seems to work well out of the box so far.

    There’s very little NC310 specific stuff on the net at the moment. So happy to say your guide was useful, and I now have a dual-boot machine and am enjoying giving Ubuntu a bash.