Falaise Pocket, Trun: Swatting Flies

This is a strategy or walkthrough for beating the first mission in the Tales of Valor campaign Falaise Pocket, called Trun: Swatting Flies, which has you defending the town of Trun from a massive Allied invasion. Your objective in this first mission is to protect vulnerable Panzers from American armor and aircraft.

The mission begins as you receive a radio transmission from Chambois — the Americans are attacking! You need to move your Volksgrenadiers to the Church, where the Luftwaffe command resides, and let them know of the imminent Allied invasion. A brief dialogue occurs, and you are instructed to build an 88mm gun just outside the church. Do this with the Luftwaffe ground forces squad you are given. I’d suggest facing the gun to the left.

Next, you must awaken the sleeping defense forces. Send your troops to each of the 14 locations. For every one, you just enter the garrison’s house or capture the strategic point near it. Be sure to remember to take your forces out of the house after you’ve entered it. At each garrison, you will gain a single unit and you’ll now be able to make that unit at the church or the vehicle depot behind it.

Somewhere in the middle of all this, you’ll receive notice you’re being attacked by a small paratrooper force. If let to their own devices, they will plant a few mines then futiley assault the church. If you destroy them however, you prompt a much larger invasion, so I’d suggest leaving them be for the while.

Now the key point of the strategy to win the mission and complete the optional objectives is simple: the part of town you are being asked to defend, the leftmost crossroad, is not critical to the mission’s success. Instead of attempting to stop the enemy from entering the town in the centre, you must focus on the two areas filled with sleeping Panzers, one each in the north and south of the town. There, you can deploy your forces and 88s to greatest effect.

To begin, build three 88s with your Luftwaffe forces in the southern pocket. I had one at the top facing left and down, one in the middle facing left, and another at the bottom facing up and left. Reinforce this with an MG.

The rest of your forces, both those gained by securing garrisons and those that you’ve produced yourself, should be sent north to guard the other Panzers.  Build your final 88 somewhere near the top, along the road and near the topmost panzers. Lay (Teller) mines along the road that goes between the bridge near the church and the southernmost panzer. Keep your units (MG, Grens, Luftwaffe/Pios) near the leftmost garrison at the top, and reinforce from there. Be sure to have a few units ready to move if either area needs reinforcing.


Do not attempt to guard the road that leads from the leftmost corner to the bridge: There are no panzers there, and they won’t cross the bridge to attack the church. Indeed, the 88 you placed there should take out the vast majority of the tanks sent along the road, and the mines will take care of any stragglers.

Generally, you will only be under attack at one location (North, Centre, South) at a time. Keep your units and 88s at full strength by utilising engineers, luftwaffe squads, and half-tracks. Be sure to fill out your popcap, if you’re not sure what to build grenadiers are always a good bet, as there are free weapons (LMG42s and Panzerschrecks) littered outside many of the garrisons.

Save often if you’re having trouble, and have Henschel/V1/Firestorm-style abilities to nuke pockets of resistance.

Good luck.

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  • Falls

    I had an insanely difficult time with this mission before I found your guide. Extremely well written and informative. Thank you!

  • Falls

    I had an insanely difficult time with this mission before I found your guide. Extremely well written and informative. Thank you!