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In this guide, I’ll write a description and rating of each hero available for purchase or crafting in Company of Heroes Online, the Chinese MMO-like port of the Relic RTS Company of Heroes. More heroes will be added as I acquire them. For help on purchasing heroes, see my previous post on buying CoHO points.


Skilled Riflemen

You’ll get Skilled Riflemen when you hit level five. They’re not bad, actually, and certainly much better than the free unit the Axis get (Field Specialist Sniper). At first level, they cost 40 less to call in and gain a 10% bonus to weapon accuracy. Most of their abilities following are fairly useful (buffs to rate of fire, sight radius, supression resistance, and passive healing) but unfortunately they’re not as good as I’d have liked. What’s wrong with ’em? Well, they are unaffected by upgrades given to other riflemen. This means they lose a lot of utility, and are only really useful in the early game. They get no pineapple grenades, no sticky grenades, no BARs. Use them until you get an Assault Jeep, or maybe one of the other flavours of Riflemen.

Assault Jeep

This jeep is manned by an expert gunner, apparently. It costs 200 manpower, 20 less than a standard jeep, and is extremely useful if you can get it to level five, as it gains the ability to capture territory. Level 5 takes 100 pioneer kills (and, let’s face it, pioneers are all you’re likely to kill). Combined with its other upgrades, which include buffs to weapon accuracy, weapon damage, and sight radius, make it quite a useful addition to your arsenal. It excels in the early game, as it can take that first contentious fuel point quickly or harass pioneers. A good purchase, but remember that it doesn’t have any buffs to HP or armor, and as such, it will still get taken down by pioneers at close range.


Field Pioneers

Field Pioneers are like pioneers, but better, with added abilities. They receive bonuses to capture speed and construction speed at levels one and two. At level three, they gain the ability to place a “crippling trap”, which acts similarly to a landmine in operation, but only causes supression, not damage, when it detonates. At level four, the pioneers can heal units around them, which is pretty useful, and at level five they gain the ability to automatically camoflage while in light or heavy cover. Unfortunately, these pioneers cannot be armed with a flamethrower, meaning their camoflage is mainly a defensive measure. Unlike many heroes on CoHO, they have few drawbacks compared to their non-heroic counterparts, making them a worthwhile purchase.

Geriatric Volksgrenadiers

By far the funniest hero in Company of Heroes Online, Geriatric Volksgrenadiers are like normal Volks, but much older. As such they get penalties to movement speed and health, but they can be deployed for only 180 manpower. At level five, they become worthwhile, as they’ve picked up the ability to fire a Panzerfaust, like a regular Volk squad (level 2), they regain half of their lost health (3) and they now cost even less to deploy(4), at 140, or half cost. And what really lets them hit their stride, is their level five ability: powerwalk! Now they can powerwalk at full speed, meaning they’re only a bit weaker than normal Volks, but half the cost. Highly recommended.

Field Specialist Sniper

This fairly useless sniper is given to you for free at level five, although you can’t use it until level six. The Field Specialist can capture points 50% quicker, but cannot camoflage, making using it anywhere other than the rear lines a risky proposition. At level five, it can become a useful rearguard, planting crippling traps (see Field Pioneers), detecting mines, and sprinting, but even with 20% more health at level 2, it’s just too weak and expensive to risk on the front lines. Not really worth leveling or using in any tightly contested game.

Accomplished Stormtroopers

These stormtroopers are much worse than traditional stormtroopers. Despite costing 1200 points, they lack the ability to equip either MP44s or Panzerschrecks, making them next to useless. They are slightly tougher than normal stormtroopers, gaining buffs to health, received accuracy, and resistance to supression. They also slowly regain health at level five. Their only ability is camoflage, and this is not incredibly useful armed with their Kar98k rifles. Avoid them, as they’re not worth the cost, particularly with so many better options available at the Krieg Barracks.

Brute Stormtroopers

These stormtroopers are slightly more useful than the Experienced Stormtroopers, as they at least are given some AT ability in the form of a Panzerschreck. However, you’ll have to level up to 3 to actually gain this advtange, until then they’re just more expensive grenadiers. At level five (which takes some time), they gain the Assault ability, allowing them to throw three grenades at once. This ability was part of the Terror doctrine in normal Company of Heroes. Other abilities include expensive but deadly Bundled Grenades and buffs to health and received accuracy. They’re a pretty deadly and balanced squad, but still not as useful as regular Blitzkrieg Stormtroopers, due to their predetermined loadout. Get them if you’ve not gone Blitzkrieg.

Armour Hunter Puma

This SdKfz 234 Armoured Car comes equipped with the 50mm AT gun. Its upgrades include buffs to speed, acceleration, health, and rate of fire. This makes it look like a decent AT choice. However, it takes a long time to get to level five, and even at highest level it simply does not excel at taking on enemy armorr. It may beat a standard M8, but then again so can a normal Puma with 50mm. Its main strong point, its speed, just isn’t that useful.It’s a lot of time and money to get a mediocre hero — avoid it.

That’s all so far. I’m looking to add the heroes I haven’t purchased to this guide — if you’ve got a hero not listed here or want to add to any of the descriptions already available, please let me know in the comments below, by email at williamDOTjuddATsunDOTcom, or by personal message on GameReplays. Thanks for reading.

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