[Archive] Intro to eSports #8: Top Twitch alternatives

Twitch is the current undisputed king of game streaming, with tens of millions of monthly viewers across hundreds of games and millions of channels. The company was bought by Amazon late last year in a 1 billion dollar deal, and has only gained strength since then – whether you count by concurrent viewers, developer support or number of dank memes created, Twitch is […]

[Archive] Intro to eSports #7: Communities

Whether it’s watching a tournament stream, talking strategy in a forum or seeing the latest gossip on Twitter, eSports is consumed almost exclusively online. Fans in online communities are the lifeblood of eSports – and the most important metric courted by events, teams and brands alike. In this article, we’ll show you how to embrace that audience through online communities, […]

[Archive] Intro to eSports #6: Event organisers

As we continue our introduction to eSports, we’re going to take a look at another oft-overlooked but vital role in the eSports scene: event organiser. In this article, we’ll show you how you can organise your own eSports events, starting from viewing parties and small LAN competitions to big tournaments broadcast around the world. How to run […]

[Archive] Intro to eSports #5: Pro-gamers

So far in our introduction to eSports series, we’ve taken a look at casters, hosts, tournament admins and streamers. Today, we’re bringing it back with a closer look at the very heart of eSports: the pro-gamers themselves. So what is a pro-gamer? Technically, a pro-gamer is anyone who earns money playing video games, whether you win an online cup for £20 […]

[Archive] Intro to eSports #4: Tournament Admins

Well-run tournaments seem magical as a viewer. Competitors appear in an arena, fight their way through brackets and win the championship or die trying. This seamless path is provided by tournament admins, working behind the scenes to arrange each match, report scores and settle disputes. Working as an admin allows you to contribute to eSports and […]

[Archive] Intro to eSports #3: Casters and Hosts

This week, we continue our introduction to eSports series with a look at two of the most important jobs in eSports: caster and host. Casters explain the action and the strategies in play to the audience, while hosts provide an essential anchor point for larger tournament broadcasts. In this article, we’ll show you what each role requires and […]

[Archive] Intro to eSports #2: Streams and VODs

Last week we introduced the world of eSports: competitive video games, played by professionals in competitions that can award thousands of pounds in prize money. Today, we’re looking at how eSports is watched: through both live streaming video, and prepared videos posted to YouTube. Live streaming lies at the heart of eSports, allowing fans across the world […]

[Archive] Intro to eSports #1

This weekend I spent a few hours cheering on one of my favourite athletes as she competed on the world stage. She’s a professional, but doesn’t take part in traditional sports like football or sprinting. Instead, Scarlett is one of thousands of people who play video games professionally – an eSports athlete. Some play part-time, juggling school […]

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